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Kvarner, with the islands of Cres, Krk, Lošinj, and Rab, is the region that for its diverse climate and vegetation connects the littoral, inland, islands, and mountains. For centuries, Kvarner has united architecture and culture of diverse traditions. Kvarner is formed by the riviera of Rijeka and the littoral of Vinodol, along with the littoral of Velebit all the way to Karlobag. The Kvarner gulf is protected by mount Učka from the north-west, a large mountain chain streching to another, Velebit, which is located on the south-east.

Attractions in Kvarner

National park Risnjak

1. National park Risnjak - it is a wooden massive, close to the city of Rijeka, named after the lynx (cro. Ris), being its typical inhabitant. In this area you can find every kind of underwood and different types of fauna and flora. These are some animals you can find in the area: brown bear, lynx, wild cat, chamois, roe deer, deer , eagle. The greatness of the woods, the Karst phenomenon, the springs, and the beautiful view are an attraction for the mountaineers and other lovers of nature.

The Fankopan´s castle

2. The Fankopan´s castle - The Frankopans were one of the most important family in Croatian history, for politics as well as for culture. In the Middle Ages they have raised many castles as protection of the city. We can visit them, for example, on the Island of Krk and Vinodol.

The Baščanska ploča

3. The Baščanska ploča - it is the first Croatian document written in glagolitic, where the king Zvonimir is also mentioned. It is considered the origin of Croatian language. This document was found in 1851 in the Church of Saint Lucy in Jurandvor.

Plitvice lakes

4. Plitvice lakes -probably the best known Croatian National park in the world. It is on UNESCO World Heritage List in recognition of its outstanding natural beauty. The beauty and attraction of Plitvice lakes is seen in 16 bigger and a few smaller lakes and many waterfalls that connect the lakes. National Park Plitvice is rich with caves, water springs, and rich vegetation and animal life.

National park Paklenica and North Velebit

5. National park Paklenica and North Velebit - is maybe the most attractive part of south Velebit. South Velebit claims some of the tallest mountain peaks in Croatia. In this, relatively small part, we find beautiful caves as well as attractive speleological and mountain climbing locations like Anica Kuka. North Velebit is the youngest National Park in Croatia (1999.). The area was designated a national park due to its richness of karst phenomena, outstanding bio diversity and exquisitely beautiful nature on a relatively small area. Until now, there are more than 150 pits discovered, out of which the most famous is Luke´ s pit, discovered in 1992.

Kvarner, islands and Velebit littoral

KVARNER AND ISLANDS: vacation and holidays in Kvarner

Kvarner islands

Kvarner and Kvarner islands form a region of a wide inlet, along with cities; Rijeka, Opatija, Crikvenica, Novi vinodolski, islands of Krk, Lošinj, Cres, and Rab. Thanks to its geographic location, many contents can be enjoyed. On one hand, the vicinity of the sea inreases the tourist offers, and diverse accommodation in Kvarner can be found, such as; hotels, apartments, private houses, vacation villages, camping, bungalow, and others. On the other hand, only 20km away from the coast you can find skiing tracks on Platak and the region of Gorski Kotar, offering accommodations suited for sports and recreation. The gastronomic offer varies from fish, seafood, to the typical chestnuts called "maruni", wild fruits, and game.


Velebitsko Primorje

Velebit littoral is a region that spans from Novi Vinodolski and all the way south to the island of Pag. In between stands Senj, a small fishermen town known for strong northeastern wind Bura which is a common occurrence in Senj. Through Senj passes the 45. parallel. Velebit mountain range separates the mediterranean climate from the continental climate, and is one of the main causes of the strong wind Bura, especially in winter. Velebit is under protection of UNESCO since 1978.

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